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Changelog v0.0.8

  • Installed shop software
  • Installed forum software & additional modules & add-ons
  • Configured forum discord integration, aswell as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus authentication.

Things planned to do:

  • configure shop packages
  • configure Minecraft server
Added new forum rank images
Installed new plugins (New factions spawn now available!)
Factions server has now 6GB of RAM and runs off of Intel Core i9-9900K @ 5.0Ghz, at 2666MHz DDR4 Ram using SSD.
Creative server has started
Skyblock server has started
Skypvp server has started
Hideandseek server has started
Portal server has started
Added additional pets to the store that are available for purchase.
Added crate keys to the store.
Installed referral system( Will integrate with the website soon, status & bans will be displayed on the forums).
Factions system created.
Mcmmo system installed.
Network-wide control system installed.
Factions users may use silk touch Diamond Pickaxes which will drop the spawners.
Presenting Presentman to the factions server. Includes daily rewards.
Factions pvp system was reworked - removed pvp cooldown system completely.
Enderbutt system added to the portal server.
Player visibility system added to the portal server.
Removed copyright
Edited the layout
Made a server banner

Edited the portal network configuration - items & custom commands
Portal website rework planned to do