Important Unban Application Form


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Hey! :)

If you got banned, please use the following form to fill out all the necessary information to try to get unbanned:

1.) In-game username:
2.) Date and time of ban - Use the following timezone:
UTC +1CETCentral European Time

Central European Time Zone . Central European Standard Time ( CET )
2.) Reason for ban:
3.) Evidence (if you have any) about being completely innocent:
4.) Are you aware, that any kind of false claims will result in your IP being banned completely from our server(s)?
(If it hasn't been done already): Write: Yes/No
5.) Are you currently banned anywhere else, on our website or Discord?
6.) How long is the ban duration that you were given?
7.) Why do you think we should unban you? (If you have no solid proof of being innocent, type here the "why do you think".
8.) What is your Discord username and tag?

After everything is filled out, please make a new thread here and wait for one of the staff members to get back at you!

Why was I punished?

If you were punished, either muted or banned, it is because you broke one of our server rules. We have a variety of different server rules, and because of this your punishment can vary depending on what rule you broke. You can find information regarding your punishment in the posts located below.


Your account is your responsibility.

You will be held accountable for other people's actions on your account.

Bans for Compromised Account/Account Security Alert
If you are banned for Compromised Account or Account Security Alert, kindly email us at [email protected]


Account Buying

Recently we've been coming across reports of people who've purchased Minecraft accounts from 3rd party sellers only to find them banned from the server.

These banned accounts have a history with various reasons ranging from using modified clients (hacking) to Advertising/Spam. Therefore these accounts will not be unbanned due to the risk of them continuing their activities.

We strongly urge you to only purchase from the Minecraft website.

Account Selling

For the reasons listed above, we do not allow advertising your account on the ThunderStrike network. We wish to keep our players as safe as possible and removing unnecessary risk is a good step towards that goal.
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